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Here is some of what our customers have to say about Downpipe Garden. 


"The Downpipe Garden looks great & the concept is wonderful. I have seen lots of vertical gardens for courtyards and small areas they are an asset. To be able to move the garden is a big plus as there is no damage to walls or your down pipe. I will be getting some more after Christmas, brilliant idea, this could be addictive."

Shirley Russ - QLD

 Awesome Effect ***** Purchased 2 Downpipe Gardens. They were incredibly simple to install, look awesome and have allowed me to add some beauty to an ugly part of the house. Best product ever, plus they are locally made, glad to support an OZ company with a brilliant product.

 Cindy - ACT

 Great Idea And So Simple ***** It really does take 5 mins to install and the most time you will take is choosing the plants to put in the containers. It also seems to hold moisture really well.

Christine Ellis - NSW




"We absolutely love our Downpipe Garden. We've attached ours on the very end of our garage that borders our neighbours property. It's nice to drive up the driveway and see it fill a gap that was just a down pipe and nothing much else.

As well as buying two for ourselves we have also given 5 away as gifts - with all our family and friends loving them! And we've also had a friend buy one because of seeing a post we put up on Facebook about it, go ahead and buy one....or two or three! Add a Nursery voucher to go with it as well if you are buying one as a gift. It makes just the best combined present!

Chez & Stu Colbourn - ACT




























































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