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Does the Downpipe Garden fit on round down pipes?

Yes, they do. It is a slightly different install technique (as shown in the instructions) and also the exact same parts.


Does the Downpipe Garden work on anything else?

Yes, at least ½ of the Downpipe Gardens we sell are for customers who want to put them on their veranda posts. We have also put them on air conditioning ducts, overflows on water tanks. Just about anything vertical we can make them work.


What are the dimensions of the pots?

They are 400mm long by 200mm wide and 130mm deep.


Do they come in different colours?

Not at this stage, we do have plans for different colours in the future.


Where can we buy these from?

www.downpipegarden.com.au we have an online store there and we will deliver them to you. OR we have a few retail outlets that we are expanding all of the time.

Pushy’s, Fyshwick, ACT

Four Seasons Garden Centre, Belrose, NSW

Tumbarumba Garden Centre, Tumbarumba, NSW

The Plant Bug Nursery, Mt Colah, NSW


How much are they?

A box is $68 delivered in NSW, ACT, VIC and SE QLD. There are 2 frames, 2 pots, cable ties and instructions in a box.


Do they put any stress on the down pipe?

No, you’re down pipe is tied at either end, at the bottom were it connects into your stormwater system and at the top where it connects into your gutter. In addition to this it will be fastened to the wall with at least 2 down pipe saddles or brackets, one about 250mm off ground level and the other is usually around 1800mm high. It isn’t going anywhere, the frames are cable tied around the back of the down pipe, therefore there isn’t going to be any damage caused by fixings.


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