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The Downpipe Garden

Turns an ugly Downpipe or Pergola Post into a beautiful hanging garden.

The Downpipe Garden is a multi tiered hanging garden that can be attached directly to your standard household down pipe without the need to physically attach the garden to your external walls (i.e. no drilling, screwing or nailing).

Can be attached in minutes and moved or removed in the same amount of time.

Easy to install 5 minute garden

With no drilling, screwing or nailing it is easy and quick to install the Downpipe Garden. Simply lock the backing pieces and pots together and use the supplied zip ties to secure to the post or downpipe.

Proudly Australian Designed

Locally designed in Australia the Downpipe Garden is designed for local conditions. Manufactured from exterior grade plastics there is no need to paint or stain and will look great in your garden for years.


Special Features

Dont just stop at 2 pots!

Each box contains x2 pots and x2 mounting brackets. If you would like to add more pots you can with our unique interlocking system. 

Re-uses rainwater!

Each pot contains x2 self watering holes in the bottom to drip down to the pot below. Go one step further and put a hole in the top of the downpipe for a self watering system.

Use it on square or round downpipes!

This system is suitable for square and round downpipes 90 - 105mm wide.


Downpipe Garden Features

Easy to move

Not only is the Downpipe Garden easy to install, it is just as easy to remove and move to its next location. Whether you are moving home or merely moving your Downpipe Garden to another down pipe in order to make the best aspect for your garden depending on the season. All you need to do is lift the pots from the mounting brackets, cut the zip ties and disassemble the segmented frame.

Easy To Re-Pot Plants

The unique design of the pots make it ideal for planting and re-planting your pots. The pots are connected to the mounting brackets by a tapered hook which means that to disengage your pot from the mounting frame you merely have too lift the pot up and away from the mounting brackets. As the garden is up off the ground there is no getting down on your hands and knees trying to work on your garden. Just lift it off the bracket place it onto a work bench and do what you have to do with your garden, then put it back, garden while standing up.

Take it with you

The Downpipe Garden is designed to be used over and over again, the segmented mounting brackets can easily be dismantled and packed away, and the pots can also be moved readily either with your plants insitu or empty pots. Take them from your current home to your next one and the one after that.

Sheltered from the elements

Most household down pipes are located underneath the eave line of your home. This creates a partially sheltered environment for your garden from extreme heat and extreme cold. It also allows you to grow different varieties of plants in your garden, if you have a plant that only likes partial sun, put it up the top. If you want a plant that likes total exposure to the sun put it down the bottom.


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